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Custom synthesis is the Trylead's core business. Trylead's chemists work very hard to provide quality goods with low prices for the scientists all over the world with dedication; the value of Trylead products lies in saving synthesis time for scientists and winning precious time for synthesizing target compound .Trylead's chemists can synthesize new compounds rapidly, keeping your research on track. For the large pharmaceutical company, that means supplementing your world-class research programs. For smaller companies, Trylead's can serve as your off-site "chemistry department."

1. Custom synthesis:

Trylead Chemists are much experienced and creative, and our team is very good at each kind of reactions. We could finish the custom synthesis of chemicals quickly, safely and effectively according to our customer's requirement. In Trylead's lab, we could also synthesize special compounds of 1g-100g scale. Trylead keeps high secret of our customer's core chemicals.

Take Methyl 3-methoxyacrylate as the starting raw material, through 9-step reaction, we could finish the synthesis of 20g compound A with 95% purity in 90 days.

2. Custom Manufacturing:

Trylead Chemists also have much experience in scale-up field. We provide "one stop" service of synthesizing chemicals from gram scale to ton scale. Trylead maintains good business relationship with home pharmaceutical companies. And on the strength of its own technical advantage, Trylead finished the large-scale production of two products: Syringic amide and Syringonitrile. Trylead spent 6 months working from 500g to ton scale.

The scale-up operation requires qualified processing chemists who are experienced in industrial circumstances, with a high degree of knowledge about reactions and reactors. With all these conditions, Trylead actively gets rid of any potential risk during the scale-up operation to supply the goods to our customer on schedule. Take Resorcinol as the starting raw material, through 7-step reaction, Trylead finishes the production of 10kg ABA monomer with 99% purity in 120 days. By polymerization, this monomer will get PBO resin of intrinsic viscosity [η]>10.

3. Rare reagent:

Trylead has provided thousands of rare reagents for chemists all over the world. Cooperating with different chemists we accumulated much experience. We could then ship the goods to the scientists quickly, safely and conveniently according to different requirement, which saves much precious research time for our scientists.

Trylead stores thousands of raw materials for synthesizing rare reagents, and could provide the downstream materials speedily. This is also the characteristic of Trylead providing rare reagents, scale from gram up to kilogram.

Trylead has serialized different kinds of chemicals, such as Anilines, Pyridazines and Pyridines. For example, Trylead stores 6-hydroxypyridazine-3-carboxylic acid, so Trylead could effectively provides in fast speed the following materials for you: Mthyl 3-pyridazinone-6-carboxylate,Ethyl 3-pyridazinone-6-carboxylate, Ethyl 6-chloro-3-pyridazinecarboxylate, Methyl 6-chloropyridazine-3-carboxylate,6-chloro-3-Pyridazinecarboxylic acid